Monday, February 23, 2009

Comings and Goings of February

What a wild month, lots of coming and goings.

Austin has returned from his mission
Don has shipped out to Iraq.
Melissa (Don’s girlfriend is taking the missionary lessons and attending church)
Celeste and Brad moved to Maryland
Bryce found a new way to injure himself with a broken wrist
Dave and Danica are fixing up their house


The biggest change is gaining a new son-in-law named Preston who was sealed to Tiana last Friday in the Salt Lake Temple. Everything went off without a hitch except a chocolate fountain that wasn’t in the mood to celebrate like the rest of the family. Tiana glowed with that fantastic radiance of fresh love and Preston couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. It was a great weekend.
I have to make mention of a few of the attendees in the temple sealing room. Except for Don being deployed to Iraq all of Tiana’s siblings were in the temple; friends from her college were there, plus missionary companions and a mission president, old roommates, aunt and uncles, and parents and ailing grandparents. It is a testament to the person Tiana has become to be surrounded by these noble people from so many different areas of her life.
I think they are off to a great start (even though Uncle Eric had to rescue their lingerie before they took off to the hotel).

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b-ryce said...

Thats great that you got a pic before and after the fountain went bonkers :)

That was a great weekend. Thanks so much for coming out here! We loved seeing everyone, and P-reston is going to be a great bro-in-law.