Sunday, January 23, 2011

The High and Lows of the Week

There seem to be so many things happening within the family I wanted to do a recap. Thanks for including us in your lives so we may understand the events of our family:

Tiana and Preston are facing a crushing sad loss with a miscarriage. I remember when Tiana was just a few years old how excited she was to think she would be a mother someday. Words escaped me to describe the haunting feelings that that day has been delayed for a while. I'm ever so grateful for the maturity of both Tiana and Preston during this difficult time. I'm frustrated that the temple isn't open to place their names on the prayer rolls.

Don and Leslie rented out the Arizona house this week. We scrambled around to get all the paperwork and bank accounts set up right and sure enough disaster struck. No sooner had the renters moved in that the plumbing backed up and there wasn't a working bathroom in the house and the lady is 9 1/2 months pregnant. Don is earning his management fee handling the problems.

Danica and Dave have had a minor loss this week as one of their Chinese foreign exchange students move in with a neighbor. It seems that they became great friends as soon as they weren't going to live together in the same house.

Austin has been socializing with a girl from work as they have tried to set up for each other among their friends. That didn't work as well as them just being each others friend and they have spent some good time together. Some future plans are a little up in the air. Way to go Austin.

I have decided to become a high school swim official for the rest of girl's season and boy's season. I'm scared of becoming a diving judge because I remember all the unkind things parents and coaches said about the high school judging. I said a lot of them myself.

I have a new anxiety reducing strategy I'm using at work. I have a point system for work activities. As soon as I reach 20 points I can kick back and relax knowing I've put in a good day's effort, and not worry about things and sleep better. So far I'm averaging 28 points a day but my target is 30 and then I will be able to relax and sleep better.