Sunday, February 5, 2012

A crazy Real Estate Week

We have been doing some Real Estate work and it almost buried me this week. It seemed
everything needed major attention:
1. We refinanced our new Parker place.
2. We are refinancing the Branson property.
3. We are selling the duplex in Arizona.
4. We are trying to rent the triplex in Arizona. The water was shut off for a
week and I put up the renters in a hotel until my agent there cut off a lock on
the water main and got the water turned on again.
5. Buying and selling Danica’s old house. It involves a tricky HELOC and perfect timing
to accomplish.
6. A legal issue with an investment property here in Denver with lawyers and a court date.

But we had time on Saturday for mom and me to go to Colorado Springs to attend a Mitt Romney rally. It was great with signs and yelling and enthusiasm. The paper reported 700 people but there were at least 2,000. One story from the rally: when Mitt helped started Staples, they did it with about $5,000,000 a few key people in a back room in a strip mall. Instead of Obama and Solyndra; when he forked over $500,000,000 of our taxpayer money to a bunch of his
campaign contributors and they built a new multi-story corporate headquarter instead of investing in new technology. Vote Mitt!!!

We also got blasted by a nearly 2 foot high snow fall. We really needed it, but let’s spread it out
a little. It is nice to have a south facing house in a snow fall – the driveway clears itself almost.