Sunday, March 1, 2009

Unsettled Thoughts

I’m in a funk this morning. I want to chat about the week’s fun and interesting activities: Austin’s first date, his dismantling his computer so he can read more, or his fellowshipping an inactive friend. I could bloviate on a recap of a racquetball game or my trip yesterday to the Aquarium. I could also talk on mom’s birthday and how much I love her or our trip in two weeks to Scuba Diving heaven – Bonaire. But I’m weighed down this morning with the direction of our country and what our generation is leaving to you our kids and grand kids. I’m frightened about our head long rush into thinking government is the Santa Claus and Savior of our way of life.

I’m so distressed that in one month of this new administration more government spending has been proposed than the combination of World War II, both Iraq wars, and the offensive in Afghanistan (millions of it going to protect the Marsh Mouse in San Francisco or billions to dishonest ACORN offices). Look forward to a reduction of the home mortgage deduction plus charitable donations are also falling out of favor and will lose part of their taxable deduction. This is a titanic shift in priorities and direction of our government – CHANGE that is crushingly bad for the future.

There were problems with the previous administration and I wish they had done a few things differently but it doesn’t call for the wholesale abandonment of key principles of democracy, free enterprise, and entrepreneurship. We needed to edit some of those mistakes not gut the ideals that made us great. It is democracy and capitalism that made this country great. Ours was the first democracy on this earth since the ancient Greeks and God’s hand helped establish the freedoms and strengths we enjoy today.

It is the role of government to create a safe environment where individual freedoms are enjoyed and business can flourish with an equal opportunity for all to participate in the American dream. It is an equal opportunity not an equal outcome that is promised. This stupid administration wants an equal outcome and that can’t be done at this time in this current world.

This blinded and demigod administration with the cooperation of the media is trying to rip out the very heart of what is good about this country. They feel justified to turn us into a socialist state because of isolated greed of a few powerful individuals. Punish those individuals, throw them in jail, make them pay for the destruction they have introduced….but don’t overturn our effective society’s values. It is pure madness and is helped along by an ignorant population that wants government handouts instead of earning their own bread or sees those that are successful as the villains. Hitler used the same mentality in his inciting the German populace to slaughter the Jews.

There is a full out attack on the entrepreneurs, small business owners and individuals willing to take risks to build this country. They want the 40% of the population that doesn’t even pay taxes to grow even larger and do it on the backs of the top 5% who pay 50% of the current taxes. We are doomed as a country if this continues. We will become Europe where there is high unemployment, little motivation to make progress, shrinking population, little regard for religion, and a stagnant economy. I don’t want that for my children or grandchildren.

If you owe a large sum of money, you can’t get out of that debt by borrowing three times that money. We can’t borrow our way out of this problem. Move back to “Mark-to-Value” accounting (instead of “Mark-to-Market) as it was before 2007 when the Democratic congress changed the rules and killed the banks. Lower Capital Gains taxes, lower corporate tax rates, incent small business (not punish), set up insurance of loans not tax payer give aways. These ideas will stimulate the economy without leaving a crushing tax burden upon our children. Nothing to say of the inflation that will decimate this country in about two years.

The Obama administration has some good ideas and I would be a fool to ignore them. I think alternative energy investment is good along with tapping our own oil resources (which they have stopped), repairing our infrastructure is important, and safeguarding our environmental future is critical. It is their overwhelmingly tone and direction that is terrifying – building a government where half of the people live off of efforts of the other half and it is an expectation that government will take care of you.

I’m ashamed that this has happened to you my children and grandchildren. It is my hope and prayer that this prevailing liberal mentality passes quickly and we returned to our senses without too much damage. We value God fearing morals, equal opportunities and a land where hard work is rewarded and not punished. More government is not the answer.

Pray and fast for this great country today – I am.


Tracy Barrand said...

It is scary to have a man with so little understanding, so little experience and such a following of democrats in charge.
At least he's paving the way for Mitt to come in and clean up....if there's anything left of the country in 4 years. I wish there was a flat tax. Everyone but Kevin Olsen would do better.

Celeste said...

Wow, Dad thanks for the recap on this administrations policies. I had no idea about some of this stuff. All I think of is "wow, I get 8,000 next year for buying a house" But I don't really think of the long term effects it will have on the economy or our children. It would be really sad if we ended up more like Europe, and not enjoy the same free enterprise we do now.

Brad said...

That's a heavy blog. I liked the Rush excerpt you forwarded on. And I'm glad that I have intelligent predecessors to look to for guidance and understanding. I do hope you feel better so we can hear about Austin's first date, racketball and Mom's b-day.

Mikidees said...

I am simularily completly frustrated. It seems that not only good financial sense but true common sense has been abandoned. I am frighted for what burden we are placing on our kids

b-ryce said...

I agree with you pops. Its frightening the things that are going on. Its true that we are a nation built on entreprenurship, and socialism can kill the good foundation that we have.

Sigh. Can you imagine how Mitt would have handled this situation?