Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Day – I refuse to think about politics all the time

What a great day!!! Don’s Melissa is getting baptized today. That is such good news for Melissa and for Don. Austin mom and I talked to Melissa for about an hour on Thursday this week and her family is giving her all kinds of grief about joining the church and her relationship with Don. She has studied with the missionaries and attended church and knows that she wants to be baptized. She has a good start on building a testimony and she has had to fight for it. Her family, particularly her Grandma, has thrown all kinds of anti-Mormon stuff at Melissa, so it would be good to send some support her way. You can reach her on Facebook.
It was Austin’s homecoming talk today and he did a great job talking about Charity. He was very impressive and geared his talk toward his friend Joe to try and inspire him to go on a mission. Austin is having a hard time letting go of his mission. He has taken upon himself the noble task of fellowshipping a young lady from his YA ward who just got baptized. After his talk he actually invited her over for dinner and is entertaining her this evening. Rebecca is very cute and competitive and athletic. She runs marathons.
Not much news from the home front other than mom and I are fasting about a new business that mom is considering starting. It is a home care business and could be fun a profitable, but a lot of hard work. Pray for us. We will be heading for Bonaire next week so we won’t be able to write to you.


b-ryce said...

I'm so happy for Don and Melissa! I love to hear about that!

We'll pray for your business venture, and hope that it is a sucess!

Where is Boneair?

Celeste said...

So jealous you get to go to bonair! Hope you have fun.
I hope everything goes well with Melissa, and she can overcome the trails her family is giving her, and develop a strong testimony!

Mikidees said...

Yeah for Mellissa. It is a hard decision but so worth it.