Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Trip to the mountains

Mom was a star this weekend. We were all kind of sad that all our family guests departed this week and we were left without a chaperon, so mom cooked up this great weekend. Friday night we sat down to an incredible romantic candlelight steak dinner in the dining room. It seemed so quiet and intimate, just us two.
Them mom pulled off this fun trip to the mountains on Sunday. She presented to the combined relief society, priesthood, young men and young women in Frisco the best presentation I've ever seen her do on mental health. It was so fun to think that I was lucky enough to be married to this incredible talented good looking professional woman. Wow... I have to pinch my self.
We stayed the night in Breckenridge, ate at Empire Burger (our new favorite spot), toured the Snow Sculpture contest (first time in 17 years), relaxed at the condo, felt disappointment with the Super Bowl outcome, and generally got our batteries recharged.
Life with Tracy is great and Austin comes home this week. That makes two new firsts this year; seeing the stock show and the Breckenridge Snow Sculptures after 17 years.


Mikidees said...

Mom is pretty awsome. You guys make a good team.

b-ryce said...

I'm very proud of mom as well. I'm glad you guys are having fun. It was great to talk to Aussie today!