Sunday, February 8, 2009

Homecoming 2: Top Ten List

The Top Ten Ways We Know Austin is Home from His Mission and has Changed:

10. All the extra food mom makes is now eaten.

9. Furniture has been moved around.

8. I got waxed in Racquetball 3 games to 1.

7. Girls are calling our home number.

6. He could pick up Lily and Jensen and give them a hug.

5. We have carried on several intelligent conversation with many multi-syllables words.

4. During our conversation Austin will quote a chapter out of the Book of Mormon.

3. Austin is wanting to know what time is family prayer and for us be quiet so he can study.

2. Austin was running around all nervous because he was fearful of being late to church.

#1. When we first came home I thought he would camp out in front of the big screen TV, but he passed right by that and instead he planted himself in front of the book case and picked up several books he wants to read.

It's great to have him home. Pray for Don who leaves for Iraq tonight.

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