Sunday, January 24, 2010

News from Don

We got a surprise call from Don last night at midnight and he sounded great. He is working hard in the Helmand province Afghanistan. His company has been involved in a big operation in Now Zad called Operation Cobra’s Anger. It got a bit of news coverage and if you look at the attached video clips you may be able to see Don.

He said he has been feeling the spirit and has made the decision to make the Marines his career. He also said that he has been doing daily scripture study and daily personal prayers. He told me what turned things around for him and it is a good lesson for all of us.

While in Iraq or on base back in the States he had other members around him a lot. His captain was LDS and he had a number of friends who were members of the church. He didn’t realize it at the time, but he liked that association with the spirit and with members. They were all at different starting places but they all were trying to improve their lives to return to Heavenly Father. It is so good to know that the Savior takes us from where we are and can make up the gap rather than demanding we reach an acceptable level of righteousness to qualify for the blessing of his atonement.

In a true case of “you don’t really know what you’ve got, til it’s gone.” Don was transferred to Afghanistan and has no one around him remotely associated with the church. He said he felt the missing spirit and the absence of the comfort of other members. It really bothered him to not be able to feed his spirit, so he prayed and got a spiritual confirmation to read his scriptures, say his prayers and repent. He expressed his joy over the comfort those sweet and simple things have brought into his life. He admitted that he isn’t perfect yet but he is in a good place. He created a hunger for the spirit over the difficulty of his situation. The lesson I take from his experience is that the reward comes when we dig deep into our own soul and figure out for ourselves what Heavenly Father would have us do and then do.

If you haven’t written him please do so and if you have written him…..write again, he loves feeling connected to the family.


Tiana said...

wow i can't believe don is really out there. its almost serial. We out to be so proud.

b-ryce said...

Tiana, I think you mean "surreal" and "ought to be" :)

Dad, thanks for giving us the update on Don. I hope he enjoys the letter we sent him. Don is really in a tight spot. I really hope he comes out ahead. This time alone, away from other memebers may be exactly what he needs.