Sunday, January 10, 2010

Interesting Missionary Experience

I have a funny missionary story to tell you. I was visiting with a new client in Broomfield and they are Jehovah Witness’s. The wife asked me what church I went to and I told them the LDS or Mormon Church. She said she loved the Mormons and their solid family beliefs. In fact she had recently visited with the missionaries at the door and had accepted a Book of Mormon from them. She said she like to understand other beliefs and was interested in reading the book.

Then her 12 year old son in the other room yelled out, “Mom, you threw that Book away!”

Mom said, “You are mistaken, I liked the book.”

Son said, “You told me it had the spirit of the devil!”

Mom said to me. “I’d been having these headaches and nightmare, so I threw out a bunch of stuff that might be causing my suffering.”

The son said, “Mom you only threw out the Mormon Book!”

The lady was turning red and then said, “Sorry”

The boy then said, “I got a Book of Mormon from my friend at school”

The mom said to me, “See we already had a Book of Mormon around.”

The son fired back, “But mom you made me throw that Book away too!!!”

At this point the mom told the boy to go back to doing his homework. She later went in to him and told him, “not to say such things because it might embarrass someone.” She was right it embarrassed her a ton.

I was also in a very tough competitive situation this week and on Friday I was on the phone with the client while the competitor was sitting with the family and we were both presenting to them and “discussing” the relative merits and problems with each others solutions. It was very intense, but at the end I got the other planner to agree that my plan was better for the clients. This contact could lead into working with a whole group of retirees from Coors and it could be great. We shall see. Prayer for me.


b-ryce said...

LOL, that was the funniest thing I've heard in a while. That is even email chain worthy :)

Good luck with the new client work!

Celeste said...

HaHA good story Dad!
Keep you in my prayers!

Mikidees said...

ha ha ha toooooooo funny