Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ceiling Tiles

Not much of a blog today, I’m just glad to have the past few weeks pass into history and hoping that we can get away from the bouncing of the crazy stock market and the election year which is causing great distress with so many of my clients.

Mom and I had a chance to get away this weekend to Boulder to go biking and catch some of the fall colors. It was a perfect Friday and Saturday – BYU won, we found the motel in the dark, a free hot breakfast, the weather was ideal for biking, the trail was a gentle slope up this beautiful mountain, the intense fall colors were brilliant, and best of all it was so wonderful to ride along the trail talking with mom and enjoying the scenery.

I had listened earlier to a radio show about happiness. The caller had told of a beautiful room with a tiled ceiling. Unfortunately one of the tiles of this gorgeous ceiling had fallen out and was missing. The caller lamented that she didn’t have a tile to fix the ceiling and worse she couldn’t take her mind off of the missing tile. She had a difficult time appreciating the pleasant artwork laid out by the all the rest of the tiles. All she saw was the blank space and it ruined the room for her. Too often in life the one missing tile effects our ability to appreciate and enjoy all the other tiles that are in place and can bring great pleasure. I need to get past the missing tiles in life (a rocky stock market, court cases, partnership issues, general frustrating things) so I can appreciate the remaining beauty of the blessings we can enjoy in this life.

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b-ryce said...

Great thoughts dad. Its really important to look past little flaws, and enjoy all there is to enjoy. It is a great lesson to apply to marriage, work, ward members, etc. Love you,