Sunday, October 19, 2008

The ups and downs of life

It has been another wild week in the stock market, up 900, down 750, up 400, down into the Tylenol bottle to sooth my headache in trying to follow this crazy time. With the global market meltdown, energy turbulence, war, and deep distrust of our political and business leaders it sounds similar to a few scripture references to the last days when “the earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard”, “perilous times shall come”, “men’s hearts shall fail them”, “then shall be great tribulation”. You get the picture. Thank goodness our wise and blessed country will select a mature and seasoned patriot to lead them during these tough times and not an empty suited, inexperience, indecisive, well spoken young man with no real credentials. What are we doing to ourselves????

Maybe I’m sore because I’m sore. Tiana’s new boyfriend, Preston, came to visit and he being a weight lifter taught me a few new exercises. Well, I’ve been hurting and limping all week from the silly thought that I am 20 years younger and can bench press 200 lbs. You can’t fool Mother Nature.

Luckily I wasn’t sore enough to stay off the bike and mom and I had a great ride on Saturday afternoon to the top of a bluff high above Highlands Ranch.

I peddled all the way up to the top without stopping, not too bad for someone in my crippled condition.

I was also able to take some of my frustration about the market out on the dead tree in the backyard. You will notice that we were excellent lumberjacks and had the tree fall perfectly where it wouldn’t hurt either the fence or the deck. We even made sure that all the small children were out of the way when the tree toppled over. There is the promise of a rousing campfire with oozing s’mores left in this tree earthly legacy and then she’ll be ashes.


Celeste said...

The stock Market went down again!! I miss living with you dad and knowing the about the finical crisis by your up and down moods. lets hope the young presidential candidate doesn't get elected, or you might have a permanent frown for the next 4 years.

Tracy Barrand said...

You are such a sexy lumbarjack. Those are the kind who's backs are s .....getting older....But I'm so thankful you got down that dead tree!

Mikidees said...

It's nice that the things that are special to you and close to home are ups:)

b-ryce said...

What happened to that tree? Why did it die? I remember planting that little guy.

The market is kinda crazy right now, but it will all pull around.