Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rough Week con't.

The forces of nature haven't let up from last week. I guess I haven't learned all the lessons I need to at this time. Thank goodness Tiana hasn't had any more seizures. But she did total her car in a parking lot accident and really bruised her cheek with the impact. The car now becomes a $3,000 anchor around mom's credit neck, what a shame. Bryce is having a painful recovery from his surgery. The incision was actually horizontal across the lower part of his neck halfway around the front of his throat. He can't move his head up or down and can't ride in a car for at least 10 days. It is a strain on Marcia and the kids but they are surviving.
The stock market continues to beat up on my business and dodging one court battle found me at another lawyer's office this last week giving testimony over the 1031 loss. It was brutal to be grilled for 5 hours and I'm sick of the legal profession. On the way to Denver I accidently dropped my driver's license down the tiny slit along side the moving sidewalk and it is lost forever. I couldn't rent a car in Utah and mom had to mail me my passport so I could get back on the plane to come home this Sunday. While in Utah driving Bryce's car I hit and killed a raccoon, which ripped the tire protector off of Bryce's car and I had to get that fixed as well. I didn't have my license so I wasn't able to help Tiana with some legal issues and the week was a painful one.
Then I heard that Sean Walker's baby had some serious consequences with his birth and suddenly these last week's painful complications got put into prospective. The markets will recover, Bryce will heal, Tiana is receiving a gift of a car from a friend, I can get a new driver's license, and other than the raccoon I think we will do OK.
While in Utah I did have a great time meeting Preston VanDyke, Tiana's boyfriend, with interesting connections to mom past childhood. We also sat around one night and told a ton of funny stories that made some of the pain go away. Thank goodness for humor and laughter.


Celeste said...

Dad, the last THREE weeks have been bad for you. How miserable, but you always seem to have a cheery outlook on everything, that is impressive. That's what I like about you. Thanks for the Follet suggestions. I'm so glad I have a Dad who passed on a love of reading historical fiction.

Mikidees said...

Dad you scare me worse with your google search pictures. I think it is great. Your pictures on your blog represent your story telling style:)