Monday, September 1, 2008

Magical Mystery Trip Part V - Was that a speeding rocket or some old, balding, fat guy on a mountain bike?

Our last week of travels for a while. It seems like I have lived more out of my suitcase than out of our bedroom dresser over the past month. It is really hard on church attendance. We haven’t been to the home ward during the whole month. Well it is drawing to a close this weekend.
During the week I took a short trip down to Phoenix on a business trip and it was quick and interesting. It is a new opportunity in a field where I know very little but it could be profitable if it works out. I would be working closely with another agency in town to provide health and group life insurance to law firms. The group in Phoenix are all members of the church and it was interesting for all of us out of town participants to be taken to a real fantastic but casual family BBQ place that serves milk and pop instead of the typical high brow snooty place where everyone drinks. It was probably the best BBQ I ever had. The class was such new information that my head hurt but learning something new keeps us all young or so confused we think we are young.
We celebrated the Labor Day Holiday by meeting Dave and Danica up in Breckenridge for the weekend. It didn’t quite turn out like we thought. After my Saturday morning visit to the feeding frenzy at the Aquarium where I got bit several times in the Reservoir and mom’s happy event of the week (horse back riding) – we raced up the to mountains to meet up with Dave and Danica. They threw us the room key, said the kids were sleeping and they would see us in the morning. It had been arranged for us to watch Jensen and Lily all night. Funny thing – Jensen has to have the light on in order to go to sleep and Lily is normal and has to have it quiet and dark. Tell me how you do that in an 8 X 10 motel room. I don’t remember that question in grandpa school. Did I ever tell you that Lily’s yell is amplified many times over in a small space and Jensen rolls his body around making funny noises for many hours after he goes to bed? It doesn’t matter and they are cute kids and that is what grandparents are for – to see Jensen play with his new Thomas the Train set for 2 hours was heaven.
We went to church the next morning and mom had left her make-up home and so didn’t want to see anybody she knew. Well as luck would have it we met up with a whole bunch of people we know from the stake and our temple work and mom was dying inside without any mascara. Is buying mascara on Sunday really an “ox in the mire” situation. The look on mom’s face said yes.
We found a new burger place in Breck that is even better than Eric’s Downstairs; it is Empire Burger and they have a killer Bacon Guacamole Burger. Mom also found a nifty windmill for the front yard at the Breckenridge Arts Festival. Thank goodness it didn’t fit in the Lexus. But she found two mountain bikes that we could squeeze in and bring home, so launches our new together hobby – mountain bike riding. The guys in the bike shop had smiles on their faces as they unloaded a couple of this year’s bikes on these two daffy lowlands who were confused by road bikes vs. mountain bikes, where the rear suspension sits, and which way the seat is suppose to face.
The next morning dawned and we had a magnificent adventure out mountain biking on road bike paths. We will figure out which paths are which as soon as we learn to shift gears – first things first. We hope our investment will pay off and this will launch us into exploring many wonderful and beautiful spots in our great state as soon as I learn to use the back brake first especially when going down hill. Ouch!!!


Celeste said...

You now have a new appreciation for taking care of young kids again. I love it!
You and Mom look SO YOUNG on those bikes. The money you spent on the bikes was worth it. Cause you look ten years younger.

Aqualung said...

Celeste you are so kind with your comments, but I didn't know I needed a new appreciation for taking care of little kids - you and your siblings were enough of a handful.

Mikidees said...

Thanks again for suffering through watching my kids