Sunday, July 27, 2008

Inspiration from Kevin Costner?

I had a rough night at the Temple this week. Usually when I enter the doors it is like passing through a veil and I can forget the world outside for awhile. Quickly tranquility and white clothes take over both body and spirit and those few hours refresh and renew the good side of life. Well it didn’t happen this week. My mind got clogged up with the thin trappings of everyday minutia and it was a struggle to keep focused. Petty hurts, silly worries, and useless fears occupied my mind and sapped my spiritual energy. When it came my turn to say longer phrases in key ordinances I stumbled as my mind race all over the game board of crazy ideas.
When I got home I tried to settle down the random play of thoughts and couldn’t get to sleep. When that happens I usually tune into the late night comedy of Frasier, but that night I watch Leno for some reason and something interesting happened. Leno was interviewing Kevin Costner and Kevin told this story. He was filming in Washington D.C. and had a day off of work. He signed up for the White House tour and while on tour the guide recognized him and before the tour ended he was invited to go meet with the president (Bush Sr. at that time). They visited for a while and then went and had lunch together, then the president invited him to a game of golf, and then dinner, and then a dip in the pool. Costner was amazed at spending nearly 8 hours with the President in casual activities. Then the president told him that he was leaving early in the morning to fly to France to address the French Parliament in a key speech on international affairs. Costner asked him how could he afford spending a day screwing around him when he had this important event the next day. The president said that “Focus” was the key. Today was his play day and he felt lucky to have spent it with Costner. Tomorrow was a work day and things will work out. The important thing was to not let the unimportant issues overlap with the important one and visa versa. I had blown it in the temple by letting the unimportant stuff cloud out the good stuff and vowed to not let it happen again.
To live up to my new commitment, on Saturday I made sure while working to clean up the house for a missionary BBQ, I took some well needed time to relax and do something fun. I got to go hiking with Dave, Danica, Jensen and Lily; while mom took her horseback riding lessons. It was a wonderful break and the missionary BBQ turned out just fine. Life is sweet – especially when you have cute grandkids around.


Tracy Barrand said...

Jensen has the cutest waddle/jumpy/run of all 2 year olds in the world. Hope I am one of your priorities.

Mikidees said...

Thanks for the reminder dad. I'm glad we were one of the priorities.

Celeste said...

I liked how you described your crazy game board frenzy of emotions. Very descriptive! I just went to the temple two weeks ago, and in the jumble of getting out the door, the last thing I said right before I left, was rude. I felt bad the entire temple time. So I guess another lesson is being kind to your family can help your focus as well!