Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summer BBQ greeting

It has been a pretty dull week as to things to make an interesting blog. Even my two dives at the Aquarium were rather routine. I dove with this guy that you instantly dislike within 10 seconds. He was talkative, boastful, thinks he knows everything, tells you how to spell your own name and does most everything wrong. We did the fresh water tank that can be very tricky because the fish are really hungry and they will bite when you feed them. The aquarium didn’t have any available steel mesh gloves for our dive and I was concerned. He bragged, no problem for him, he knows how to feed the fish carefully and smart so that you didn’t need to use gloves. I said OK you can feed the fish while I’ll wave to the kids and play rock-paper-scissors. He then said that I should just watch him and learn how to do it right. I asked him how long he had been diving at the Aquarium and how many times he had dove the fresh water tank. He said a couple months diving and once before in that tank. I told him I would be happy to learn from the master of Aquarium diving. It took us a while to get started because he forget his weight belt and then forget his mask, but I was learning. And you guessed it – after the dive he had bite marks all over his fingers from feeding the fish. He explained it away because the fish were angry because there were two divers in the tank. You just smile inside and are glad that you don’t have to spend one second longer with the guy than you have to.

We did do a fun missionary event last Saturday. We invited our Chinese friends and Danica’s real estate agent and wife over for a BBQ. We had a blast with everyone. Best of all Danica’s real estate agent (Bob) mentioned some positive things about the church and we have invited him back next week for Sunday dinner with the missionaries. We’ll try and get them to take the missionary lessons.


Mikidees said...

It was a fun bbq- We will be praying next week goes well too.

Celeste said...

UGGGGgggg, that guy sounds horrible! I'm glad that was the "uninteresting week" story, cause I thought it was pretty entertaining. I'm so impressed with you and mom for always having your doors open to visitors, your are such an example to me. You and mom look really young, and tan in that picture. So way to go on being good looking in your "40's!"