Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pictures don't lie

It is amazing what a little time, a rigerous workout schedule, and a great trainer will do for a body. I've been with Mary Ellen for 3 months now and all those plank pains have paid off. Mom has been my inspiration and my body is looking better as you can tell from a actual photo from a workout session. A little photo shop doesn't hurt either.

Mom and I attend Cavalia on Friday night and had a fantastic time. It is one of the best Cirque D' Solie I've ever seen. Take all the beauty, speed and power of horses plus all the gymnastics, actrobatics, and daring of Cirque and fold in the music, set design, and whimsy of incredibly talents artists and you have Cavalia. It was amazing.


Celeste said...

THat looks awesome dad!

Mikidees said...

What? That was photoshopped? I'm shocked!