Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Greatest Show on Earth

Not much out of the ordinary this past week except a fun Saturday afternoon visit to the circus with Lily and Jensen. Dave and Danica won a trip to the supped up Grand Prix go-kart racing at Stapleton and let us have the kids for the day. So we went to the annual Highlands Ranch circus. They put up the tent and set up all the attractions in the morning and run the “The Greatest Show on Earth” under the Big Top in the afternoon and evening.

Steve Jackson got up seat upgrades and we had front row seats for the parade of entertainers. We saw everything from trained dogs, to ponies, jugglers, balancing acts, high circling baskets, trapezes and three racing elephants as the finale. We saw them, but I don’t think the kids got much out of the experience. Lily was performing her own acrobatic stunts as I couldn’t find her shoes so she was barefoot and I was trying to keep her from running around in the dirt. She climbed all over me, mom, and the lady sitting next to us. The lady didn’t quite appreciate Lily’s athletic abilities.

Jensen was way more interested in munching down on the caramel popcorn and holding the binoculars. Not looking in the binoculars but just holding them. I did have some luck having Jensen feeding a miniature cow with a big tongue. He was grossed out with the cow’s first lick on his sensitive palm. He kept wiping his hand on his pants trying to remove the icky feeling that wouldn’t go away. I couldn’t get him to feed any more animals. I don’t think Jensen will select veterinary work as his chosen vocation.


Celeste said...

looks like so much fun!Good thing you got a bbsitter for charley, while you were supposed to bbsit her.

Mikidees said...

Thanks for taking our kids to a SUPER awsome event! You shoule see Lily's acrobatics at church. Modesty isn't her first priority.

Tracy Barrand said...

omgosh I'm so glad you wrote this blog about this wonderful experience with you! You really described it well. What an archive of a great memory. It's been almost a week and I forgot how wild and fun it was. How can I help but love you when you plan so many fun outings, esp with the crazy grandkids.