Sunday, August 22, 2010

What are we thinking???

It started out a normal week with a few appointments for both Tracy and I and no big life changing events, but life has a way of jumping up and surprising you all the time. On Tues night we met with a fun Chinese neighbor who had a proposition for us to take on two Chinese foreign exchange students. A boy and a girl. We started out with a NO, which worked into MAYBE for two weeks to help out, and ended up as YES for the whole school year. What were we thinking? We like our independence and don't really have time to cook meals, entertain, or run kids around. What were we thinking? It only took two days before the mission office to call and say - "You can't do that with Sister Missionaries." Now I have a whole new reason to love the missionaries. What were we thinking?

We did do a little entertaining taking them to Pike's Peak, the movies, to see Tracy's horse, the Alpine Slide, and a short hike to St. Mary's Glacier. Life is interesting at all times.

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Tracy Barrand said...

It was a great two weeks for a few reasons, they are so cute---good to have them in more conducive homes for constant meal prep and transportation and homework.....Now I get you all to myself...hooray