Sunday, August 8, 2010

It's Only Money -

This has been a disastrous week as a blow to our financial future. It is the accumulation of a string of bad news related to our finances and it has nearly sent me over the top in anguish. The judge ruled against us in our 1031 lawsuit against First American Title, it is a case we should have won easily but it wasn’t argued well and the judgment went the other way. It means we have lost the $33,000 of equity in the Provo condo plus I have to pay my legal fees which so far amount to another $32,000 and the court will probably have me pay the legal costs on the winning side. That amounts to about $55,000. So instead of walking away with $33,000 in our pockets we will end up losing all of that and pay out $87,000 in legal fees. If I appeal it will only add to the bill, but then it may also go my way and we could have everything restored.

There is something criminal about our judicial system when I have to lose $120,000 to fight and eventually lose a legitimate claim to money rightfully mine. I have always disliked lawyers, but judges are now high on my list as well. Look what one judge in CA did as he rejected the majority vote of 7,000,000 citizens and overturned Prop 8 and allow gay marriage. He is openly gay and didn’t recue himself from the case – totally dishonest. Then the weenie judge in AZ (Clinton appointee) overturned the legal proceedings of the state’s immigration bill. If you can believe it; our federal government supports a foreign government (Mexico) and has sued the state of AZ for putting into state law the same language as the current and unenforced federal law states about immigration. I have lost trust in the judicial system.

It has been a string of financial disasters and losses for us and I just need to write about it, to get it out of my head.

1031 case - $120,000

Ponzi scheme - $115,000

Preferred Care - $ 40,000

Branson home - $ 40,000

Codling - $ 20,000

McFarland - $ 15,000

Total - $350,000

Thanks goodness it is only money and the sun still rises in the morning and we have a loving family and good friends around to soften the blow of a very harsh and unfair world. Heavenly Father has blessed us and I need to be grateful for the true joys in life – those that can be taken with us into the next world. Pray that a few things can turn around for us or we will be relying on our kids for our retirement living.

Here are a few shots of the important things in life:

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Mikidees said...

Dad I love your mindset. Keep up the thought. The Lord bleeses us so much he just makes us look around at the non obvious to see it.