Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

Since Dave and Danica were the only family in town we decided to celebrate Christmas Eve by going to see Avatar. I was disappointed in the story and plot, but I was blown away by the FX and CGI. The story was way too much one dimensional – good guys were way good and bad guys were way bad. Evil corporation and military, it was like a democratic political speech with all the environmental issues thrown in to make me barf. “Fern Gully” on CGI steroids. But then I don’t have strong opinions on things so it was a good movie. The Na'vi chick was kinda hot so I asked Tracy to use more blue eye liner. My bad.

This is not an optical illlusion; everyone in Danica's family is wearing the same PJ's and they don't clash with the Christmas tree.
It was a wild rush to open presents including the elders who join the family fray. Jensen got trains - surprise surprise.

Putting together Lily's kitchen.
Charlie is spreading joy and it is either a dirty diaper or spitup
Jensen and Lily didn't eat their dinner, but later snuck into the candy dish and hid under the cushion cover and giggled and ate their "dinner" until they were caught.

The completed bathroom!!!


Celeste said...

Looks like a fun morning! Wish i was there! The bathroom looks amazing!

Mikidees said...

Thanks for being our "only family in town" :) We love living so close and being able to share fun days and experiences with you.

b-ryce said...

What a fun Christmas! Thanks for the pics.

I'm seriously impressed at that bathroom! It looks incredible. That looks like a bathroom you'd see in a super rich house!