Sunday, September 6, 2009

Random Week

Nothing major this week, just a collection of random pluses and minus happening this week around the family:

1. My shoulders, arms, and back are killing me from trying to do weights with one of the missionaries staying with us – Elder Larmouth. He has 50 lbs dumbbells and I went along with the name and was dumb enough to think this old body could bench press them. The joke is on me and I can barely lift my arms.
2. To help a care giver out mom is having us watch her dog while she gives care. God must have been in a bad mood when he created Pug dogs – they are just down right ugly and this one stinks and farts constantly and wants to sit in everyone’s lap. Jensen and Lily liked him though; they have no sense of smell.
3. Average week for mom as she teaches on ground classes, on line classes, does counseling, and is working 24X7 trying to herd cats called caregivers into doing what they said they would do. She even has to listen to reasoned adults talk about themselves for 47 minutes. Her nickname is Atlas around here.
4. Congrats goes to Tiana….she landed her dream job of making people beautiful. They mainly do laser hair removal and this guy needs to be your first appointment.
5. Bummer with Austin….Keith doesn’t have room for him on the diving team at BYU this year but wants him next year. After looking at the pictures on Austin’s blog that might not be a bad thing…the pics show the results of a missed Rev 3 ½. Ouch!!!!
6. Congrats to the BYU Cougars who beat #3 ranked Oklahoma 14-13.
7. Don is preparing for a tough assignment in Afghanistan during the chilly months of winter.

Enjoy the Labor Day Holiday and remember that it was hard work and entrepreneurship that built this country, not social giveaways and government control.


Tracy Barrand said...

You are so nice to me. You will have the arms and chest of atlas soon, not me :) Probably some of the best things that happened this week, you can't mention on the blog or show px!

Celeste said...

You will have alot to post about next week, cause you'll be in awesome Maryland!!

Mikidees said...

The pic dosent show how ugly that dog is. Mom is so lucky to have you support her with her very demanding work schedule even if it means hanging with the dog:)

Tiana & Preston said...

Dad i love it. that hairy man was the best. Mom you sure are a trooper!!!! love you guys