Thursday, September 17, 2009

GO GREEN - Recycle Congress

Whewwww…..We just got back from a fun filled trip to visit Celeste and Brad and family and I had one of those top ten thrills from the party Celeste threw for us on Saturday. Some of you may have heard about it on the news. But first let me ask who turned me in to the White House as being opposed to this administration? When we got to the airport, very late of course, the machine wouldn’t issue my boarding pass. Come to find out I’m on the watch list as a suspected terrorist. The guy at the ticket counter took my ID and had to call in to some Big Brother number and get approval to issue me a boarding pass. He said it was happening more and more now-a-days. My guess it is all those anti Obama emails I like to forward on to you all and the White House is watching and listening. Well listen to this- “Hell hath no fury like a taxpayer ignored.”

We had a great four days visiting with the Baillio’s and we got the royal tour to Ft. McHenry, the inspiration for the Star Spangled Banner, downtown Baltimore, dinner in little Italy, the National Aquarium on the inner harbor, the Smithsonian, the Antietam battlefield, Harper’s Ferry, and several monuments in Washington DC. But the crowning event of the trip was the opportunity to join with thousands, no tens of thousands, no hundreds of thousands marching through the street to protest what is happening to our country and it’s sharp left handed turn into socialism or worse.

I felt 20 years younger as our little family grabbed signs, waved flags, and thronged Pennsylvania Ave to march on the capital building. I grew up in Canada during the Viet Nam War and missed all the fun the Americans were having at protests and marches. Finally now in my mid 50’s I could contribute my voice and spirit to protest against the stupid, scary, and costly policies foisted upon us by this Democratic led government. Wow is it ever fun; I should have done this years ago. The visual banquet was amazing. Lots of people dressed in colonial garb and patriotic shirts displaying American flags and carrying painfully honest but humorous signs.

Joe Wilson was the big hero and Nancy Pelosi and Obama were the goats on most of the signs. Lots of veterans paraded in their hats and insignias. I was so proud of this nation and its citizens that can come together and make their voices heard. The march passed by the Newseum building which is a museum dedicated to Free Speech and a Free Press. On the 12 story structure there is a statement that covers one half of the building. That statement describes how important it is to have the ability to speak out and fight against Tyranny. It was inspiring to march by those words.

We travelled to DC on the Metro and as we approached the city the crowd grew louder and more colorful in the train. They were Americans from all over the county coming to the capital to live an important part of the American Dream. The train came to a stop at the right station and the platform was almost so crowded that the train couldn’t let off the passengers. Masses of people dressed in red, white and blue were chanting “USA! USA! USA!; man it was so thrilling to be there. We took the train down two more stops to visit the WWII Memorial before joining the protest. As we left the train we rode up the escalator with a nice black couple wearing OBAMA t-shirts and talked a little bit. They were headed to a large Black Family Reunion on the mall near the Washington Monument. I asked if they were going to join the big parade and they said “probably not today.” Here is an “only in America” point of interest. The marchers had much better signs and speakers, but the Black Family Reunion had better music and food….so after the rally there were tons of “Tea Party” and “Don’t Tread On Me” t-shirts peacefully chowing down on excellent Southern Fried finger food and Bar-B-Que at the Black Family event. It was a sight to behold; the happy enterprise of capitalism operating so effectively and efficiently. It brought together people of opposite and often violent views to eat and to make a profit. I love America.


Brad said...

"and often violet views".

I can't STAND those violet views! Green or yellow or orange, and I'm good. But violet! Uggh!

All kidding aside, the march was pretty cool. I'm glad I could participate as well. I've been itching to get more politically involved. Glad you guys came, and glad we made some good memories.

b-ryce said...

That story about the airport is so funny. I guess I don't really believe you that you are on a suspected terrorist list...

I'm glad you did the march, and those signs were a kick.

We look forward to seeing you this weekend!

Mikidees said...

Wow I wish I could have been at that march. I'm so glad we ara family that lets our voices be heard. And let our tummys be filled by the best food- no racism here