Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bend it Like Barrand

My back has been killing me for about 6 months now and it especially hurts in the temple when I have to stand still for long periods of time. You name it: feet, hips, back, and neck all ache and it diminishes the experience. I couldn’t take it any longer and went to a chiropractor to get untangled. He did his thing and told me to do two things to help – take lots of Ibuprofen and take up Yoga. Well I have done both and am feeling better, but I must say that the Yoga experience is a unique one.
I’ve only been twice but my body feels like it has been a dozen times. Barrands tend not to be too flexible (just ask Bryce or Austin about their pike dives), and it was blindingly obvious how inflexible I am. These old ladies next to me are popping their legs above their heads balanced on one foot, this rather overweight woman was easily folding in half, and even the other guys in the class were able to sit cross-legged with their knees resting comfortably on the floor. I sat cross legged in Samoa for two years and even after that my knees still point up around my ears….and hurt. I found I can easily bend in half as long as my knees are bent in half a well. The instructor asked three times if I was alright because the blood had drained from my head. Then I got mixed up my rights and left to the point the instructor moved her mat right next to mine so I could follow the pretzel moves with a semblance of accuracy. But my worse exercise was surprisingly the balancing work. Trying to stay stationary on one foot while doing all these circles with my arms and stretching out my free leg was down right comical. It was like trying to balance on one leg wearing high heels – not in my repertoire. Thank goodness I only fell over once and only hit one person on the descent. The instructor asked me to find a space away from the other participants next time.
Austin’s friend Rebecca told me about her “hot” Yoga class where the room is kept at 90 degrees and you sweat your way through the class. I had immediate respect for her. I think it will be safer for all if I contain my Yoga exercises to home based TV shows. Then my Yoga won’t get a reputation like my dancing.
I has finally started becoming summer around here and we celebrated Austin’s last weekend home before school with a hike to Devil’s Head with Rebecca. The weather was perfect and a great time was enjoyed by all.


Celeste said...

ohhh, dad this was so funny I kept laughing tryign to picture you in a yoga class. Sooo funny. I'm really curious if it helps you.

b-ryce said...

Wait, you have a hard time balancing? That comes as such a surprise! I'm shocked!

Can you get mom to video tape you doing yoga? I'd like to see some videos here on your site.

I hope your back gets better fast. Its a shame when bodies start falling apart...