Sunday, May 31, 2009

To Strong Finishes

We have been living in the land of excitement and dreams as the Nuggets have marched through the playoffs until the 6th game against the heavily favored Lakers. The Nuggets didn’t show up to play and they had run out of chances and the lights went out, but it was a huge improvement over last year and gave us all hope in the future of an underdog. It also pointed out that the victor on the sports field or in life’s battles is one that can figure a way around obstacles, dig deep to find previously unknown strength, not get too heady with some success, and above all finish strong. That why I love sports; it isn’t who runs the fastest or catches the most balls, or shoots the most baskets it is the gritty determination in the face of adversity or the long patient painful practicing that pays rich dividends. Life is a long tough game and better is the man that can translate those admirable qualities into their life practices for he will be a winner.

This rumored question has been heard circulating through the temple in Denver this week, “Who ever promoted this idiot?” and they are talking about me. I was “promoted” last week to assistant veil coordinator and it was kind of fun with only small sessions the first week – but this week we had three huge sessions. Two sessions had 5 over the maximum limit and I didn’t have enough workers so it was critical to use patrons to fill in the blanks. Well I forgot to call them forward and so the wrong people got put in the wrong places at the wrong time and it was a crowded white clad circus where there should be quiet reverence. I wouldn’t be surprised if they put a block on my recommend.

We suffered an aborted attempt to have a fun Saturday afternoon activity, but caught the rebound and was able to finish with a great evening. Tracy and I started out to hike Devil’s Head and as we left the house decided to invite Dave, Danica & family along. Dave was sadly stuck in the deep dark basement with Austin and a few others caught in the web of a LAN party, but Danica, Jensen and Lily were willing participants. I foolishly choose to ignore the storm clouds, lightening and rain on the way to the hike. I thought, “it will pass and we’ll have fun,” but it didn’t. It was cold, dark and wet – Mom’s favorite elements. We did gather enough firewood for an impromptu campfire under a covered pavilion at Daniel’s Park – evening saved. Hot dogs, watermelon, s’mores, and raingear – is the Seattle all over again.


Celeste said...

Sounds like Daniels Park was definitely a strong finish to a deary cold day. It looks like you had fun. I would have loved to witness your fobbles at the temple, and laugh.

b-ryce said...

Lilly looks so different with hair! What a fun adventure. Its a shame that Dave and Aussie stayed home with their lame computers.

Congrats on your change in position. I think its your style to fumble around for a while when trying something new, then you master it :) Just look at dancing... wait I guess you still fumble around a bit with dancing... I mean like racketball, you are a master now!

Tiana & Preston said...

Oh fun. but not the cold and wet part. I remember going up there and roasting starbrusts for the first time. They we way tasty. Oh well its the memories that count right?

Tracy Barrand said...

You are the funnest planner man in the world. You always try so hard to have a Saturday Activity. I love it. We are so blessed to have Lily and JJ close by.

Mikidees said...

It was an "evening saved" THaks dad.