Sunday, March 30, 2008

This will be good news for everyone this week. It’s a short letter – just not much going on. Most of it is future stuff. On Monday we will hash through the negotiations on a new house for us. I don’t know if they will match our price point but we hope so. I’m moving into a new office on Tuesday where I will be co located with a CPA and we will share leads. I’m looking forward to that. On Wednesday Don arrives back in town and that will be fun. I’ll keep you posted on the racquetball scores. And hopefully on Friday I will have a successful trip to Ft. Collins and write some good sized contracts. Just last week there wasn’t much going on. Except……..
The aquarium dive was fun yesterday. The animals were very active and while I was siphoning next to a 5 ft. Morey Eel and little girl on the other side of the glass kept jumping up and down and pointing franticly to warn me of his dangerous presence. She was worried I was about to be attacked. I was able to master the art of getting parents to take pictures of me with their kids while I was in the tank. One of the other divers has a little plastic board. She wrote her email address on the board and through hand gestures asked people to email her copies of the pictures. She would even take off her mask and remove her mouthpiece so they could get a great short with a recognizable face.
I will share with you a story from Fast & Testimony meeting. The young man’s basketball coach talked about yesterday’s basketball game. Our ward was doing well and winning by a narrow but healthy margin. As the game progress the coach notice that we were getting a little cocky and the defense was really falling apart and the other team was catching up, so he called a time out. He wanted to stop any problems before we lost the game, because our team had lost by only two points last week. He asked, “What is going on out there? We have these guys by the throat and you’re slacking off on the defense?” After a few seconds of silence one of the boys responded, “Well coach, we know we are going to win this game, but #8 on the other team hasn’t scored a basket yet and so we are trying to let him scored.” The coach swallowed hard and said, “Carry on, that is what church ball is all about.” By the end of the game #8 was able to score a basket and was so happy to have earned points for his team. And our ward won the game and an important lesson of life.


Celeste said...

Dad, great basketball story. I guess it means a lot to you cause it would be very hard for you to lose at ANYTHING. Good luck with work this week!

b-ryce said...

I wish my soccer opponents would have carried that same attitude and let me scored a few more time :)