Sunday, January 22, 2012

Keeping me young

I have two new things in my life now that are trying to keep me young or maybe a little more patient: Teaching primary and starting back into competitive swimming. I'm discovering that both of those activities are for the young of body and heart.
I have the 7 years olds, so it is before the age of accountability and they take full advantage of their upcoming free baptisimal pass to remove their sins. Trying to get them to listen for even a few sentences is like keeping Austin and Don from talking about burps and farts at the dinner table. We are together during the last hour and they are wired by that time. I even had them doing jumping jacks and push ups to burn through some of their energy. The only time I can get them to listen and be quiet is when I tell them an animated story or pass out candy. I'm exhausted when class is over with but I'm excited for their baptism - then they'll be responsible for their actions and will behave so much better......yeah!

Since we don't live in Highlands Ranch anymore I don't get to go play racquetball with the guys anymore and have joined the Parker Masters Swim Team. getting in the pool at 5:45 on cold winter mornings is simply painful and then trying to keep up with a few of the younger swimmers really humbles me. But if Janet Evans can qualify for the Olympic Trials in the 800 M Free at 42 I can at least do a few swim practices. It hurts all day and tests my heart but with my SwimP3 player I actually enjoying getting into the water. It keeps me young.....right?

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Adventure Squad said...

you'll always be young... for an old guy. i'm sorry you dont get to play racquetball anymore though. that made me a little sad when i read it. but its good you get to swim now though.