Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Catching Up

It has finally warmed up and become Spring so the Elders helped prune the apple tree. The top is totally missing, but they had fun.

Mom and I went to Austin, Texas for Multi Awards Conference and it rained most of the time. We had one afternoon to run around town and had a blast. Our trip included a walking tour of Austin's famous ghost site. This hotel had several ghosts, but the scariest part was about the original owner. He built this incredible hotel when everything else around him was just a shack, but he charged $1.00 a night instead of $0.25 and went bust in 5 months.
Right after Texas I had eye surgery that still hasn't worked out very well. Old age is miserable. One of the elders said I had gained weight and looked fat, he also notice I was going bald, and that cateract surgery was for old men. Well I can look forward to our new house which is finally framed out.
We went to Utah for a Family reunion and send Bryce and family off to New York. We had a blast. Tiana and Preston are great hosts.

We were glad to have a new truck to haul all of Bryce's stuff to the airport. All of his baggage filled the back of the truck.
On the way back from Utah the weather was so nice that we took a detour to hike to Hanging Lake. The spring runoff was wild as you can see from the picture the trail had become the river in places. Mom didn't have hiking shoes and it was tough going trying to walk carefully.
Mom was dieting and hadn't eaten anything to give her energy so she "rested" a few times on the hike.

The view was spectacular!!!
And mom is still very hot!!!

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Celeste said...

Dad, you always have fun little getaways!