Sunday, March 27, 2011

Busy but Quick Trip to Utah –

We were all pulling for BYU to make it to the Elite Eight and I got to see them destroy the Zags here in Denver but I made it off the plane in time to see the last minute of the regular action tie against Florida. The overtime was a disaster and BYU didn’t advance but had a great season.

Friday morning was spent in the Appeals Court Mediation session. I went in owing $22,000 and came out owing only $7,500. So after 4 years we can finally move beyond that stupid 1031 case. All in all I have lost about $70,000 which is better than the $120,000 I thought at one time I would lose, but it still hurts. It’s over and there are more important things than money, like family which I was able to enjoy the rest of the weekend.

I spent some time with a friend going through a hard time and again realize that life is not a straight line, there are knots twists and turns. We had a ball going skiing and snowboarding at Sundance. The weather was cold but clear and Bryce, Marcia, Austin and Preston and I really had a ball. Preston was very impressive taking massive jumps and even though I couldn’t keep up with Austin I had a ton of fun. We even got free dessert at the original Claim Jumper Restaurant in Heber City.

Saturday Tiana and I went to the color festival in Spanish Fork. It is some Eastern Indian celebration and everyone throws paint (caulk) at everyone else. There were thousands of people there and everyone was covered in paint. We escaped with very little damage. Fun experience.

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Celeste said...

That paint looks fun!