Sunday, February 6, 2011

Winter Weekend

We were wondering when winter was going to show up. A week ago Friday the temperature was almost 70 degrees here. I was ready to break out the sunscreen. Then just 3 days later the thermometer dropped to -15 degrees. It missed breaking the coldest temperature ever recorded in Denver by just one degree. Wind chill was at -30 degrees.

I had a really sweet 59 year old lady client pass away this week and attended her funeral on Friday. It was a challenge realizing that she was only a year older than I. She had 7 kids. I realized sitting through the funeral that the things remember and cherished in one’s life are the shared memories and fun personalities. It isn’t the long hours we work, the great sale we close, or the taxes we pay. It happens to be the love we shared, the service we provided, the laughter we enjoyed, the tears we shed, the funny stories we tell, the time we spend together, the hard times and pain we endure and survive, the thoughtful gesture we so willingly gave, the kind remark we communicated, and the times we just spent being in a loved one presence. Too bad it takes a funeral to help realign my priorities.

We were headed to the mountains with Danica and family to see the snow sculptors in Breckenridge, but they came down with pneumonia and so it became on early Valentines weekend for Tracy and I. We saw the carving at night and they had them lighted with changing colors.
It was spectacular. I loved the scuba diver one and mom loved the snowy horse – surprise, surprise.

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Preston & Tiana said...

Oh i hate the cold. The ice sculptures are amazing.