Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Camera; New Blog

Our old camera died and so I couldn't blog for a while, but we got a new camera yesterday and so I can start blogging again.

Not much going on here. It is the lull time of the year without too much fun activity. We have a funny little elder as one of the missionaries – Elder Dalton. He is a clean freak and the basement looks brand new. He is incredible. He has completely cleaned and organized the back area in the basement with the food storage. Straighten up the book case and made the extra bed and neatly stacked the games. The entire carpeted are is vacuumed almost daily and the couch is rearranged to give the maximum space to the recreation area. Even the kitchen area is neat and clean and the garbage gets taken out every week. It even smells nice down there. But that is just the surface stuff. He completely took apart the camping and blanket closet and cleaned it up, removed all the dead mice, and threw away the canned apricots that had been there since 1992 and leaked all over the basement floor. The zebra room is orderly and ready for guests with uniform hangers and space in the closet for storage. To top things off he tackled the incredibly chaotic and random storage room where you could barely walk through and now there is enough room in there to throw a party and have room to dance. But I had to stop him the other night. Some banging woke me up at 11:30 at night and I poked my head out of the bedroom to find Elder Dalton with a broom cleaning cobwebs from the ceiling. I told him to go to bed and he just laughed and headed on downstairs. I think I may be able to convince mom for us to move downstairs because it is cleaner there and we may make Elder Dalton a permanent offer to set him up in a house cleaning business in Denver after his mission.

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Tender Mercies.... an LDS Point of View said...

That Elder is prefect for you guys. What a big help. Kinda sounds like how Preston wants me to clean.... but i'm not. ha ha well it all looks amazing. Reminds me of when sister Larsen and i deep cleaned an elders apt and took loads and loads out to the trash.