Sunday, July 12, 2009

Quiet Week

As the title describes, the week was quiet. I was trying to get my business back on track after a couple of very disappointing weeks and was moderately successful. Mom and I have been walking as much as possible in order to get in shape for the trek coming up this week. We are late choices as “Ma and Pa” and are racing to prepare all the fixings’ for a great WY experience. The house is beginning to look like the camping section of the local Sport’s Authority store. It is littered with tents, air mattresses, mess kits, lanterns, ground cloths, and pioneer bloomers and bonnets. How did the pioneers ever get ready for months of travel without the comfort of sunscreen, body glide, TP and insect repellent? I think I will have a much greater appreciation of their efforts in a week’s time.

They shouldn’t have picked me to highlight the spiritual side of the sacrifices of the Willie and Martin handcart companies. Yes they suffered terribly and there was an incredible and painful loss of life but in some ways it was unnecessary. They started on the trail near the end of August - way late in the season (no fault of their own). They were told my experienced missionaries to stay the winter in Iowa or Nebraska, but they said “Oh the Lord will protect us, we’ll be alright. Divine intervention will save the day.” It was a terribly selfish and foolish way to approach God. It was an unrighteous dare made by those in leadership of the handcart companies. To me they are a great example of a dangerous arrogance when we set aside prudent thought and demand that Heavenly Father save us. It’s not a good idea to tempt the Lord; we need to do our part.

Here are some pictures of our picnic with Dave, Danica and family. These shots were taken just before I got into a fist fight with another guy in the park who wanted to kick us out of the fountain.

I hope I’m in one piece next week to write to you all. Happy walking.


Mikidees said...

Thans for your thoughts on The WIllie handcart company. It's like the don't put water in your gas tank advise. I told my YW to give you and mom a hard time on the treck:)

b-ryce said...

You get in a fight over play time? I don't believe it...

Remember when we went swimming and you got in a tuff with the lifeguard over "adult swim" time?

Celeste said...

good luck this week. Everyone will be impressed with how in shape you are!