Sunday, December 7, 2008

Busy Weekend

I didn’t get to tell you all about our Thanksgiving week in Utah. It was fun with food and family and we missed you. I visited a client company in Orem that was employing 128 people last year and they now have one person. They are a home builder and that market has collapsed and so everyone has lost their job. It made me so grateful to be self employed even though there are some rough days, if things go bad I have no one to blame but myself.
On the way home we traveled with Dave and Danica. Everything was fine until Vail and then it took two hours to get to Frisco. It was snowing a little bit but the traffic was horrible. The electronic reader board said that is would take 7 hours and 40 mins to get to Georgetown which is normally 30 mins. We were moving so slowly that mom was walking back and forth between our car and Danica’s exchanging food and movies. We made a smart decision and drove down to Breckenridge and stayed the night in the condo. So instead of sitting on the freeway going nowhere for 8 hours we sat in the hot tub, ate delicious burgers, played with the grandkids, and watched a movie. Once in a while we do things right.
Thursday night I met with the missionaries and Steve Wilburn and he moved his baptismal date to Dec 28 and asked mom to speak and me to baptize him. What a neat honor. His wife jumped right in and was helping plan the program. I think she will come around someday. I think Don and Melissa will be here for the baptism which would really be sweet. It is so exciting to see the change that has come over Steve – he stopped smoking in Aug and stopped drinking in Oct. Not even the Thanksgiving festivities tempted him. He is saving enough money to pay tithing.
Yesterday was crazy around here. We are selling both the Explorer and the Lexus and so mom was working like crazy trying to clean them up. I picked up my new wheels on Friday (a Nissan Murano) and so we had 4 cars in front with hoses and buckets. We also got a new hot tub cover and so all the packaging was out for the garbage. Plus the rest of the raked leaves were piled up. Then we had a contractor guy over to fix up the basement for the missionaries. His truck and all the left over construction material made the garbage pile higher and added cars to the street. Then you throw in Dave and Danica visiting and me trying to put up the Christmas lights it was one wild, busy, and crazy day. The best news is the basement of now almost ready for the missionaries to come live in. We have a refrigerator, sink, cabinets, table, fixed shower, and disabled TV for them. We just don’t know if they will be sisters or elders. It will be simple if they are elders and cleaner of they are sisters.


Tracy Barrand said...

I love our family! Thanks for making my fam your fam! you are so good to drive me to Utah in the snowstorm and sacrifice to help me eat all that pie.

anna said...

Hey Skinny,
You have a great looking family . The baby picture is so sweet and so funny. Ilove it! You are so blessed to have this great family. What is your secret to having such a happy family?

Celeste said...

I'm so glad i got to see you guys!So sorry about the drive!!!

Brad said...

Sounds like we missed out on another enjoyable evening. Confound you Illinois!

Thanksgiving was really fun. I can't wait for Costa Rica!