Sunday, November 2, 2008

Change vs Improvement

It is like watching an approaching train wreck in which your kids and grandkids are in the way of a horrible disaster. It appears that this country will elect a candidate who according to his words, “will fundamentally change America”. Wait a minute, this country doesn’t need fundamental change. To quote Dennis Prager, “We change things that are bad and improve things that are good”. Our country needs improvement, but not fundamental change. McCain wants to change Washington and Obama wants to change America. We are in for a storm with the entire mechanisms of government geared to move us in a dangerous direction. Especially with the dangerous ideas of Obama as “The One” leading the charge. The fanatical following of the media towards the left removes the opportunity for intelligent debate and drives us towards one party rule – that is not the definition of hope.

The newspaper quoted a verse out of the book, “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.” It described how the majority of ancient Athenians, in a very short time, moved from contributing to society to expecting from society. When their focus was on what they would get as opposed to what they could give they “lost both their security and freedom.” We are headed in the same direction.

The paper also had a quote from Thomas Jefferson which said, “A government big enough to solve every misery and problem is strong enough to take everything you own.” I see the difference between this election and the one four years ago is that a majority of Americans think and want the government to solve their problems instead of their own resources. If we have rounded this “dead man’s curve” of the expectation of our Federal government then the future is indeed bleak.

If we replace; rewarding hard work, optional charitable service, and faith is a divine higher power with governmental institutions we are a people and country in peril. Improvement yes, but no to fundamental change.

God Bless America and America Bless God.


Brad said...

Amen friend. It's the laziness and apathy of the rising generations. It's the greed and selfishness of wanting what I want, when I want it. It's the intolerance of tolerance.

In short, good has become bad, and bad has become good.

Mikidees said...

What is sad is I don't think a majority of people expected the government to take tare of them until Nobama started talking about it. BECAUSE ENTITLEMENT ISN'T AMERICAN!

b-ryce said...

Cross your fingers cause tomorrow we make the jump! I agree with you, and the quote from Tomas Jeffereson was great.