Sunday, June 15, 2008

There is nothing more consistent than change

“There is nothing more consistent than change.” This has been a week of change in the dynamic stream of life. Just when we had wrapped ourselves in a comfortable pattern of breakfast, lunch, and dinner with Jensen, Lily, Danica, and Dave they up and move this week. I had a week to prepare for the decreased decibels and missing mess, but it still came as a shock that Jensen wasn’t there this morning to sneak up on and tickle, nor was Lily there to radiate the room with her bright smile. Danica won’t be around to talk about political radio shows and all our electronic equipment will suffer without Dave’s skilled touch. I will miss those kids, but not the fresh smell of diapers as you enter the garage. Thank goodness they are close enough to visit frequently.

The move went well. Several nights this week I would wrestle Jensen and caudle Lily until bedtime, while Tracy and Danica worked late into the night to paint and prepare their new house. I even got Jensen to go to bed with the lights off. Danica is so excited to have their own house, now if El Paso will hire Dave full time life will even be better.

I had an interesting experience at the temple this week. I was working the recommend desk and two young couples came in with that “deer in the headlights” look. I checked them in and then my shift changed and I was now the patron guide and one of the men asked me for a blessing. He had been to the dentist and his jaw hurt him so much he didn’t want it to interfere with the session. I checked with the temple president about giving the blessing and he said OK and we went to get his keys from his wife for the oil vial. With the oil we went into one of the offices and the other husband admitted that he had never given a blessing before. We did an on-the-spot training session on blessings and he gave a fine blessing. They went on the get dressed and I went to return the keys to the mission president office. The door was closed so I knocked, waited a second, heard nothing, and entered the room. To my surprise the temple president’s wife was alone in the office changing her clothes and I was so shocked to see her undressed I dropped the keys and ran out. I felt so bad.

My next assignment was the New Name booth and I got to give a new name to the young man who had just given his first blessing. He now looked at me with eyes that said, “Doesn’t anybody else work here, or do you do everything?” They were on the last session and as I worked the veil guess who came to my area. Yes it was the same young man. He and I both laughed (temple laugh). It was a fun coincidence. But I still needed to beg forgiveness of the temple president’s wife. As I was leaving the temple she was sitting in the foyer with another female friend. I approached her and begged her forgiveness. I said I knocked but didn’t hear anything, and she said she didn’t say anything because she thought it was her husband. She then said she was covered and “no harm no foul.” Then friend was really curious about what had happened so we had to tell the story over and had a good laugh (temple laugh).

As you can see from the pictures the changes caused by the TV and Danica’s move is finally settling in. The ripples caused by that TV are still costing me money. A new table to sit on, new sound system, new couch, and in the works mom is pushing for a new rug.
It has to stop soon.

In case you’re wondering I had a great start to Father’s Day. Mom hand made me this spectacular card with all the thoughts that I really wanted to hear. Then she served me a royal breakfast of banana crepes and cream cheese.

That is now my new favorite breakfast. Life is good and I’m one happy and thankful Father.


Celeste said...

Oh Dad, what a embarrassing story with the temple pres. wife. Good thing you have a practiced "temple laugh." You are such a good sport with mom "donating" your furniture for a greater cause. ( the greater cause being mom getting new furniture.)
Happy Fathers Day, you are a wonderful father!

Mikidees said...

Thanks for all the furniture! And all the help with moving.

b-ryce said...

That is the best temple story I've heard so far. You are like a magnet for embarrassing stories :)