Sunday, February 3, 2008

New house?, New Prophet and a New Zone Leader

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!! Which means a whole bunch of new commercials to watch if we were watching the game. I’m wondering if they broadcast the game over in Iraq for you Don. It is rough from here because I think about all the good munchies around during the game and it makes fasting that much more challenging.

Mom and I have been looking for a new house all week and have come close to finding one that might work. Of course I want a great deal and mom wants a view, and that doesn’t work. The house we like has a great view, but they haven’t come down to our price.

I had an interesting experience diving yesterday. When I arrived I saw on the board that I would be diving with Lynx and it sent my mind whirling. I pictured this gorgeous blond in a very curvaceous wet suit with a nice looking buoyancy compensator. Who else would have a name like Lynx? Well Lynx was a hillbilly guy with most of his teeth and a wicked comb over. And yes Lynx is his real name given at birth and he talked with an accent that only Tiana would understand. He is from the mountains of Appalachia.

I dove in the Sea of Cortez and loved it huddled close with these two nurse sharks that thought I had food. There was also this 300 lb grouper was getting a little too friendly. I got to clean around the tunnel and it was so fun to wave to the little kids and see the families exploring together. Dads were carrying their tired kids on their shoulders and the moms were pointing out fish to their tots interested only in the multicolored waste basket. It remind me of going places back east with the summer fun club and the absolute blast we always had as a family (including Gettysburg).

I’m so sorry that I missed President Hinckley’s funeral yesterday. Everyone was talking about it in church. He has really run the church for almost 20 years and has been such an incredible representative of the Lord. His sense of humor and outreach to the world elevated the church and created many friends among non-members. He was able to call us all to repentance and make us laugh along the way. I picture the Savior having a very similar personality with the ability to speak the harsh truth, inspire the spirit, and motivate toward righteousness. I love President Hinckley and know he was a true prophet of God.

I’m scared for this Tues when this country will take a sharp turn to the left with their political choices. My heart hurts that we couldn’t see Mitt as the front runner to defeat the Democratic challenger. Maybe in 2012. I haven’t given up yet but it doesn’t look good. I’m planning on attending the caucus here and voting for Romney and I hope and pray that more Americans will do the same.

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Mikidees said...

I loved the summer fun club. I rebmember one time taking a hike by a river. Someone commented on our same hue in shirts. You said it was so you could spot us floating down the river easier. I didn't get it back then, now that i get it- your pretty funny haha.